B&T has been operating on the market since 1985 in the sector of conveyor belts and in general in bulk material-handling systems. Our twenty years experience, investments in new equipments and the work of our skilled technicians, make our products. In our program of industrial expansion, since 1992 our product line includes the TRANSFLEX® sidewall conveyor belt system. 


The launch of TRANSFLEX® belt system, represents the last developments in steep angle conveying, where space is not enough to use other systems. Starting from raw materials, we produce the

every components (sidewalls and cleats), up to the assembly line for complete finished products. We offer a very wide range of components combinations, that make the final product suitable to meet the most part of industrial



B&T company is able to supply, with his own software, even technical consulting service during the project phase, as well as assembling, start-up, put in operation of sidewall belts on place, and assure technical improvement on