Vakumlu Filtre Bantlar

Continental Vacuum Filter Belts

Filtering and transport in a single operation

Continental vacuum filter belts separate solids and liquids. If desired, this is accompanied by rinsing, leaching or acid washing. The belts form a continuously circulating trough that holds and transports the filter blanket, the filter cake, the suspension and the washing solvent, and also removes the filtrate. The force of gravity and the vacuum generated cause the filtrate to be siphoned off via the belt grooves and through the drainage holes in the center of the belt.


Along the route of the belt, the fluid portion of the filtrate is directed into the transverse grooves of the belt by the filter blanket. The filtrate is drained off via a longitudinally positioned vacuum box and a defined belt perforation. The pre-dried filter cake is shed on the bend pulley.


Continental vacuum filter belts are in service on vacuum belt filter units used in the processing of minerals, ores, chemicals, dyes, foodstuffs, coal and paper as well as in flue-gas desulfurization systems and in fertilizer production etc.