TLE Academy

Professional training on Conveyor Belt Repair


Conveyor Belt Repair requires well-trained expertise that knows how to professionally select, use and apply the right materials and products.


To support its employees in training, TLE Academy offers a comprehensive training program on all aspects of conveyor belt repair and tire repair.


Registration and Approval

Please enter the training you want and the relevant date in the request form for face-to-face training or Webinar.

Participation Periods

An overview of the course duration can be found on the subpages of Face-to-face training and Webinars.

Program Change According to Participation

Courses can only be opened when the minimum number of participants is reached, otherwise the start date may vary.

Course Language

TLE Academy courses are offered in Turkish or English. Participants must have the relevant language level or be accompanied by an interpreter.

Current Educational Documents

The contents of the course are presented to the participants as a document at the end of the course.

Participation Certificates

After successfully attending the course, everyone is given a certificate of participation.
Konveyör Bant Tamir Hizmeti

Course Registration Form

    Competency Verification

    Meets OSH requirements and ensures that personnel are competent to perform tasks or operate equipment.

    Control Application

    Our audit training provides the skills required to become accredited in a range of audit competencies.

    Apprenticeship and Intern

    Our internships offer a great way to work, learn and gain a qualification at the same time.