Monitoring Systems
Conti ConveyorInspect

CONTI ConveyorInspect

Maintenance managers of plants are usually responsible for the condition of all the equipment and machinery of a conveyor belt. These belts can take up to 40 kilometers and count more than 250.000 rotating idlers – a massive number of components that must be inspected regularly.


Up to 30 % of unplanned shutdowns of conveyor belt systems can be associated to idler failure.


ConveyorInspect permits data-assisted remote monitoring of system conditions by providing visual inspection data, with the result that potential damage can be detected at an early stage and avoided. The smart solution improves maintenance efficiency and helps operators of conveyor belt systems.


To avoid such shutdowns, Continental offers an inspection service for conveyor belt systems, that is using RGB, and thermal images collected by drones, an artificial intelligence-based data analysis service and an interactive customer portal to make predictive maintenance easier than ever.