Coal Control


A splice in a conveyor is a weak point in your conveyor. If, in the worst case, the connection point breaks, this will lead to a long-term standstill. The result is incalculable damage and complicated, time-consuming repair work. The breakage of the connection point not only means a danger for the personnel but also results in high production downtime costs.

Instantaneous loads on the conveyor during operation vary widely and are difficult to monitor continuously. The tensile force values specified by the belt manufacturer can be exceeded at any time. The belt connections are also exposed to these loads.


As a result, the belt connection can break at any time during conveyor operation without the belt operator being able to notice the symptoms of the imminent danger in advance.


The system takes precise measurements of each belt splice and compares the results in each belt revolution. The SPLICE CONTROL system detects the slightest changes in the connection. The measuring points are fixed by small permanent magnets inserted in the strip. These are permanently installed at several points before and after the belt connection. The method allows for the marking and later the selective identification of each individual ligament connection.


SPLICE CONTROL informs you in good time about deviations in the connection length and gives you early information about necessary repair work at the relevant connection point.