Fast Repair Equipments


FOURTHANE STEEL®, a high-tech, multi-purpose epoxy filler reinforced with high hardness fillers, cures

quickly to a material as hard as metal, which creates a permanent bond to any rigid surface for making critical

repairs to machinery and precision parts. Restores worn bearing housings and shafts; rebuilds worn rings, hydraulic cylinders, and valves; repairs equipment and parts that require finishing.


The success of the recovery and protection of components and/or equipment with FOURTHANE STEEL®, will depend to a large extent on the correct preparation of the surface.


 For this reason, it is important that all applications begin with a thorough surface preparation, DECAPING the surface with an electric grinder using agrinding disc (SSPC-SP-3), remove all dirt, debris, and any loose coating or surface debris with a proper mechanical technique (SSPC-SP-2), andremove any loose coating or surface debris (SSPC-SP-3). (SSPC-SP-2). Repairs should be made as soon as possible to avoid rusting. After surface preparation, Solvent (step 1) should be applied and allowed to dry for approximately one minute.


Mixing of FOURTHANE STEEL®, should be done by adding the hardener to the resin. The mixing process is complete when the product has a uniform Spread the material in a thin layer over the mixing surface to force out entrapped air. This procedure will also maximize working time, the application should be repeated in the same manner until the desired thickness is achieved desired thickness.


After the repair is complete and fully cured, proceed to machining if required.